Support Services for Windows and Apple Computers, Tablets and Phones

A nominal rate of $50.00/hour is charged for repairs done at the shop or through remote access to the client’s device, and $70.00/hour for work at the client’s location. However, most jobs tend to fall in brackets, as shown below.

Slow computer, spyware cleanup               $50.00 to $75.00

Slow computer, tuneup                                $50.00 to $75.00

Computer does not boot,                             $75.00 to $95.00
blue screen

Reinstalling the operating                             $75.00 to $95.00
system, without preserving
the client’s files

Reinstalling the operating                         $125.00 to $145.00
system, saving and restoring
the client’s files

Diagnostic only                                                             $35.00

Most jobs are done through software. We work on the hardware of desktops and most laptops, like replacing hard drives or adding memory. We don’t work on the hardware of tablets or phone, like replacing a broken screen.

Businesses can request a free evaluation of their computer system.

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